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Learning Curve

Adobe Illustrator + Adobe Photoshop + Figma + Adobe InDesign

This semester long project was focused on the problem that there has been a shift in cursive writing education due to the change in common core standards. Because of this there has been a decline in penmanship in the United States and a lack of understanding on the benefits handwriting can have on learning & development in everyone. With that in mind, this design campaign aims to aid in closing the generational gaps in handwriting and cursive writing knowledge in the United States due to this decline in penmanship focus within the education system and lack of resources available for all ages.

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Logo & Identity Explorations:

Typography 1.jpg
Cover & Primary Logo.jpg
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Learning Curve is a full brand that has been laid out in the Brand Identity Guidelines Book. Want to view the full brand book?

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Learning Curve App:

The primary deliverable is the Learning Curve tablet app which is a resource that houses accessible and interactive content to learn cursive writing and teach users the benefits of cursive. It is also a way to bridge the gap between traditional education methods and today’s generation of learning. Some of the main features of this app is the learning journey which is a personal dashboard of lessons to learn cursive writing as well as the mail room which is where users can practice their skills by writing letters to pen pals.

Social Media Ads

Social media ads were created to expand the Learning Curve brand on a social platform. Incorporating social media into this campaign allows Learning Curve to reach the target audience and develop an online presence. There is also a unique aspect to social media that allows for potential users to interact with the brand in a new way which can aid in the impact of the brand. These posts aim to promote the app by highlighting its main features as well as educate followers on the benefits of cursive writing. 

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