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March Madness 2021 Billboard

Adobe Illustrator  

In Spring of 2021, I had the opportunity to design a billboard for the March Madness tournament. My design was chosen by a panel of those involved with the tournament and was then featured on I-70 during the month of March. I based my design off of their provided branded materials and decided to take inspiration from a GPS reminding travelers when they have made it to their final destination. With this in mind I added the "You Are Here" phrase to get teams, fans, and families excited as they enter Indy for the tournament. Fox 59 also interviewed me about my design so I was able to share the concept behind it to anyone watching. This experience taught me a lot about print design, collaboration, and how to talk about my work in a professional manner.

billboard design.PNG

This video showcases the live interview I had with Fox 59 the week after winning the contest to share my story behind the "You Are Here" design.

This video showcases the interview I had with a Ball State University media major, Hope Stauffer, who worked with NewsLink Indiana and wanted to share this story as a segment in their live broadcast.

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