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Legacy of BSU Nursing Touchscreen

Figma + Adobe Photoshop

This was a project given to the Ball State Digital Corps with the challenge to create an interactive interface to showcase the Ball State School of Nursing alumni on a TV touchscreen. As a designer at the Corps I worked through how this might be displayed and worked alongside our UX team to figure out the flow of the experience. Today, this touchscreen is housed in the Health Professions building on Ball State's campus and continues to be updated with each new graduating class.

Screen Shot 2024-01-31 at 12.16.24 PM.png

This is a peek inside my Figma document. It shows the communication I had with my team throughout the process and shows how concepts developed over time.

While the Figma prototype doesn't show it, the landing page includes a card deck animation as well as fading pictures to create the background. On each browse page, the class photos have a scroll animation as well. 

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